The History of the Festival

“Music Imprezas of Ukraine” – 2016, 2017 and 2018 presents a series of various music, theatrical, educational and academic events held annually within the International festival of academic music, a Cherkasy-based creative initiative. Such broad-scale events are traditionally held in big cities possessing the appropriate background: stages and scientific platform of high music institutes, national philharmonic society and national theatre of Ukraine, etc. These include Kyiv autumn “Kyiv Music Fest” and spring “Premiere of the Season”, Lviv “Kontrasty”, Odessa “Two Days and Nights”, Kharkiv “Music Assemblies”. Such artistic events carry on a centuries festival tradition of European cities highlighting serious intellectual music.  Cherkasy, a Ukrainian regional center, is now among them due to its pool of music professionals, talented youth and sufficient number of concert stages. A lot of concerts have been held in Cherkasy Music College named by Hulak-Artemovsky, alma mater of Volodymyr Nesterenko, who was a dean of music science department for many years, and Oleksandr Vynokur, a music science teacher who was the first professional composer of the region. Volodymyr Nesterenko organized composers’ competitions for students, started a singing competition “My granny’s songs”. Oleksandr Vynokur was the founder of individual creative approach in music education aimed at developing students’ creativity. He was a talented composer who left behind a rich heritage of music pieces, poetry, autobiographical essays. 

Nowadays Evgenia Marchuk, a young talented music science teacher, composer and a former student of Volodymyr Nesterenko and Oleksandr Vynokur, develops the creative approach of her great teachers. She is also the leader of “ARTTERRA” music band, art-manager and organ and piano performer who promotes Ukrainian academic music.  According to “The Highlights” online rating for 2018, she was among the top seven famous people in Cherkasy. Being the author and the director of “Music Imprezas of Ukraine” festival, she has encouraged a lot of musicians and creative people who care for contemporary academic art to cooperate, exchange their professional experience and participate in a variety of festival events. Festival hubs have how emerged in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa and Toronto. Initially Evgenia’s idea of the festival was supported by Cherkasy public organization “Promolodj” with its head Ivan Podolian.  Her project won the competition “Idea-Action-Result” held by Podolian. In 2017 “Music Imprezas of Ukraine” received official support from the National Union of Composers of Ukraine. Its head, composer Hanna Havrylets became the head of the festival organizing committee. The festival was also suppoted by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. “Junior Impreza” – a competition of young composers – started in 2017 under “Music Imprezas of Ukraine”. Its first jury head was Yevhen Stankovych, a world-famous composer. 2018 saw over ten different festival events involving musicians from Kyiv, Lviv, Toronto, etc. A new public organization “ImprezaTerra” appeared in Cherkasy with the purpose of boosting cultural life of our city and country. It was founded by Evgeniaa Marchuk, Tetiana Bachul, Olesia Rozhkova and Lesia Verhulatska. 

“Music Imprezas of Ukraine” is gradually becoming a well-known creative platform, which gives an opportunity of creative expression to young talents, advanced musicians and any people aiming at  Goodess, Harmony and Beauty.